Recent Student Publications

Aguilera, S.E., Broad, K., Pomeroy, C. 2018. Adaptive Capacity of the Monterey Bay Wetfish Fisheries: Proactive Responses to the 2015-16 El Niño Event. Society and Natural Resources 

Treuer, G., Broad, K., & Meyer, R. (2018). Using simulations to forecast homeowner response to sea level rise in South Florida: Will they stay or will they go?. Global Environmental Change48, 108-118.

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Aguilera, S.E., Cole, J., Finkbeiner, E.M., Le Cornu, E., Ban, N.C., Carr, M.H., Cinner, J.E., Crowder, L.B., Gelcich, S., Hicks, C.C., Kittinger, J.N., Martone, R., Malone, D., Pomeroy, C., Starr, R.M., Seram, S., Zuercher, R., Broad, K. (2015) Managing small-scale commercial fisheries for adaptive capacity: Insights from dynamic social-ecological drivers of change in Monterey Bay. PLoS One 10(3): e0118992. doi: 10.1371/journalpone.0118992  PDF HERE

Crosley, K. (2014) The frontiers of environmental education: understanding the role of community-based organizations in the socio-ecological learning of urban youth.  Available at:

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Recent Student Awards


Stacy Aguilera-Peterson: NOAA Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship


Andrew Carter: Award of Academic Distinction, University of Miami 

Shireen Rahimi: National Geographic Young Explorers Grant


Julia Wester: 1st Place in the Graduate Student Social/Behavioral Science Category at the NSF Emerging Researchers Conference

Galen Treuer: NSF GROW Fellowship

Stacy Aguilera: American Meteorological Society Summer Policy Colloquium Fellow (Washington, D.C.)

Stacy Aguilera: SESYNC Teaching About Socio-Envionmental Synthesis with Case Studies Scholarship 

Annie Brett: Center for Ocean Solutions Ocean Policy Course Scholarship

Lisa Johns: Abess Doctoral Fellowship

Shireen Rahimi: Abess Doctoral Fellowship 

Lisa Johns: University of Miami Graduate Fellowship

Shireen Rahimi: University of Miami Graduate Fellowship


Julia Wester: UF Water Institute Conference Poster Competition Winner

Galen Treuer: NCAR Advanced Summer Program on Climate Uncertainty

Stacy Aguilera: RSMAS TA Excellence Aware in the category of Undergraduate Lecture Course

Johnny Bartz: University of Miami Graduate Fellowship

Annie Brett: University of Miami Graduate Fellowship


Galen Treuer: American Meteorological Society Summer Policy Colloquium Scholarship (Washington, D.C.)

Galen Treuer: NSF Expert Witness Training Academic (St. Paul, MN)

Galen Treuer: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship - 2013-2016

Stacy Aguilera: Center for Ocean Solutions Ocean Policy Course Scholarship

Johnny Bartz: Abess Doctoral Fellowship

Annie Brett: Abess Doctoral Fellowship


Katie Crosley: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship 2012 - 2015 (completed 2014)

Stacy Aguilera: University of Miami Abess Center Fellowship

Catherine Macdonald: Honorable mention for National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Andrew Carter: Abess Doctoral Fellowship

Stacy Aguilera: Abess Doctoral Fellowship

Galen Treuer: Abess Doctoral Fellowship

Julia Wester: University of Miami Graduate Fellowship


Stacy Aguilera: VPUE Stanford UAR Travel Grant, Conference to Victoria, BC, Canada

Stacy Aguilera: Stanford University Earth Systems CoTerm UPS Summer Research Grant

John Bartz: Fulbright Student Scholarship for Study in Brazil, Institute of International Education  

Julia Wester: Abess Doctoral Fellowship

Catherine Macdonald: Abess Doctoral Fellowship


Katie Crosley: University of Miami Graduate Fellowship 2010-2012

Stacy Aguilera: Alan Davis Scholarship, Hopkins Marine Station

Stacy Aguilera: Woods Institute for the Environment Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Grant

John Bartz: Earth Systems Award for Outstanding Research, Stanford School of Earth Sciences  

Caitlin Augustin: Abess Doctoral Fellowship

Karlisa Callwood: Abess Doctoral Fellowship

Aaron Welch: Abess Doctoral Fellowship


Katie Crosley: Best Undergraduate Engagement Research Project, Purdue University

Stacy Aguilera: National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates, Virginia Institute of Marine Science


Katie Crosley: Gruel Memorial Scholarship, Purdue University - 2008

Katie Crosley: Durward Allen Memorial Award, Purdue University - 2008

Katie Crosley: Best Life Sciences Abstract, Research Symposium, Purdue University - 2008

Catherine Macdonald: Thomas J. Watson Fellowship - 2007-2008

Catherine Macdonald: Phi Betta Kappa (Amherst College) - 2007

Catherine Macdonald: Raymond Keith Bryant Prize - 2007

Catherine Macdonald: Alfred F. Havinghurst Prize - 2007

Katie Crosley: Rex Hall Memorial Scholarship, Purdue University - 2007

Katie Crosley: Junior Scholarship, Purdue University - 2007

Katie Crosley: Emerson Kampen Scholar, Purdue University - 2005

Katie Crosley: Academic Success Award, Purdue University - 2005

Galen Treuer: Phi Betta Kappa (Oberlin College) - 2001

Galen Treuer: Hanson Prize in Economics (Oberlin College) - 2000