Dr. Caitlin Augustin

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Caitlin’s research is focused on deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies under regulatory uncertainty.  Caitlin hates it when people think carbon capture and storage is the same as fracking. It's not the fracking same. So stop it. Just stop. Her dissertation is comprised of three unique, but fundamentally linked projects. Her first project is the development of an integrated model for predicting surface leak size using MCMC simulations and Gaussian plume modeling to anticipate the leak impact.  Her second project is on crafting effective risk communication for CCS projects through surveys and interviews with both the lay public and CCS-expert public. Her final project links the results from these two pieces into a set of recommendations creating an unbiased regulatory framework for CCS.  Caitlin has been an active participate in the CCS community since 2011, attending and presenting at the IEAGHG CCS Summer School, RECS, AMS Summer Policy Colloquium, CCS-Oman, AGU and Goldschmidt. She holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Miami. In her spare time she enjoys reading, running, and cheering on the Miami Hurricanes.


To Ask Caitlin personal questions, email her at: c.augustin@umiami.edu.