Dr. Jessica Bolson

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Jessica’s research primarily focuses on the intersection of environmental governance and climate science, with particular emphasis on water resource decision-making under uncertain climate conditions.  She is especially interested in the co-production of scientific information and policy within the hydroclimate context, including the roles of integrated models, stakeholder-scientist interactions, and climate information use in decision-making.  Her work investigates topics including the use of climate information to foster adaptation in the management of water resources, individual and group decision-making in areas of natural resource management, and participation in environmental decision-making.  In addition to Jessica’s research, she has recently taught courses in interdisciplinary climate studies, regional water resource management, and U.S. environmental policy.

Jessica is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Risk Management and Decision Processes Center at The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.  In this position, she serves as the project coordinator and researcher on the National Science Foundation funded South Florida Water Sustainability and Climate Project (http://sfwsc.fiu.edu/index.html). When not at work, she is busy navigating the world of sleepless nights, double strollers, and diapers.