Shireen Rahimi

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Shireen is a California-born, Miami-based, Iranian-American freelance photographer, filmmaker, and Ph.D student studying marine anthropology and visual media. She received a BS in environmental biology from Columbia University. She also received a lot of the other BS that comes with going to an Ivy League. She did her senior thesis project with researchers at UC Santa Barbara and in Chile studying management in global fishing cooperatives. Like any other flourishing student, she was particularly focused in drinking on the beach. She has used her experience in social ecological systems in her work with California Fish and Wildlife, Ocean Science Trust, Sustainable Fishing Group, and Center for Ocean Solutions at home in California. For her previous project, Shireen studied the coral reef ecosystem of a Cuban national park, using photography and film to document the reef system and the people who interact with it as part of a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant. Currently, she is studying human-lionfish interactions on the island of Abaco, Bahamas, to understand how people are adapting to an invasive species, as well as the many other realities that characterize our forever-changed world. She is using ethnography, photography, and interactive documentary film to describe the many dimensions of these multispecies interactions. She hopes to create content that tells the stories of those who live in and depend on our ever-changing planet.

Shireen likes photography, swimming, snowboarding, surfing and sneaking into hotel pools. Her favorite sea animal is the puffin.

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